Commonwealth Bioregional Marine Planning

Commonwealth Bioregional Marine Planning

WAFIC is heavily engaged in responding to the Commonwealth Government through the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities (SEWPAC) on the proposed implementation of a network of Commonwealth Marine Reserves in Commonwealth waters off Australia. This policy, which was first implemented in 2006, has bipartisan support and all Australian Governments have committed to this policy.


The issue has potentially significant impacts on the future of commercial fishing in WA.


The emphasis of these reserves is representative rather than iconic, which gives flexibility in their placement. The Commonwealth Minister has committed to ensuring that these reserves should minimise socio-economic impacts on industries. Nontheless, this policy poses significant risks to commercial fishing around Australia.


WAFIC is devoting considerable resources to ensuring that this initiative has minimal impact on industry in WA. 

MRAG Report into Displacement Policy for the Commercial Fishing Industry

  • To inform the Government’s decision making about displacement policy, the National Seafood Industry Alliance commissioned the consultancy group ‘MRAG’ to draft a report into appropriate displacement policies for commercial fishing and related businesses and communities. To read the MRAG report in full, please click here.